Debunking the Myths on Underfloor Heating

With the colder season upon us, more people than ever are seeking the warmth of underfloor heating. At Snug Underfloor Heating, we know that this makes for a very busy few months for our installer customers and that’s why we’re here to support you in any way we can.

If you’re looking to get clued up on everything UFH now we’re in the peak season, then look no further. Steven Dunne, our Managing Director, is here to debunk all the myths on it; so, whether you’re an electrician or a plumber, you’re in the know about the best heating solutions for your upcoming installs.

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Myth 1. - Underfloor heating wastes lots of energy compared to standard heating systems

“Contrary to popular belief, UFH — especially water-based underfloor systems — is more efficient than radiators because the systems have a lower operating temperature. While a radiator requires a minimum temperature of 65°C to effectively heat up a room, UFH only needs to operate at circa 45°C to achieve the same result.

Why is this? Well, traditional radiators are positioned at the side of the room, meaning heat rises through convection: straight up to the ceiling first, then back down again. This merely leaves floors and therefore people cold, making radiators inefficient. UFH, on the other hand, offers an even distribution of heat from the ground, meaning the energy is expended on actually warming people up.

Snug Underfloor Heating Electric Under Tile mat

Our 160w/m² electric-based Snug Mats cost less than 1p per square metre per hour to run, if insulation boards are fitted below the UFH mats to ensure heat is forced upwards into the room, therefore maximising the efficiency.

Another reason is that you can run UFH at 2°C cooler than traditional radiators, as research shows that if your feet feel warm, your brain automatically thinks you are warmer than you would be with cold feet.
UFH is both economical and eco-friendly, making it a desirable solution if your customer is seeking more sustainable solutions.”

Myth 2. - It’s difficult to fit in small or awkward spaces

“Another misconception is that UFH lacks the agility to be installed in anywhere other than a large, rectangular room. However, UFH is a versatile option and can easily fit in small, awkward areas such as bathrooms and en-suites, as well as spaces you cannot plumb, such as a new conservatory.

Our Snug Cable is one of the thinnest loose cables on the market at just 2mm and the 10w/m option is ideal when fitting in tight and irregular areas like bathrooms and toilets.”

Myth 3. - Only certain floor types can handle underfloor heating

“Nope! You can trust that there’s a Snug solution for every one of your underfloor heating needs — no matter the floor type you’re working with.

For carpets and wooden floors, our Snug Mat FMEs are ideal with their super-thin, foil design. However, it’s important to be aware of the desired carpet tog; we recommend keeping your carpet and underlay to below 2-tog to make sure the heating is as effective as possible. Additionally, if you’re planning on fitting wooden flooring, we would always suggest a floating wood floor.

For tile, stone and marble floors, we recommend our Snug Mats too, but water systems are also ideal for this floor finish.”

Myth 4. - Underfloor heating can only be installed in new-build properties

“UFH is often more prevalent in new-build properties, as it’s often factored into the construction process. However, it’s becoming increasingly popular in existing homes and renovations, thanks to retrofit solutions.
Snug’s retrofit solutions, including the low-profile overlay system, is perfect for installing in existing properties as it minimizes the impact on the floor build-up. At only 18mm thick, it can be easily overlaid on existing flooring and tiled directly onto, thus removing the need for levelling compound, and therefore extra time, cost and additional height required. Plus, as the Snug Low-Profile system uses a true low-profile board, it doesn’t require additional structural support through use of plywood when tiling or laying wood flooring, again saving valuable height which is often a key factor in retrofit renovation projects.”

Snug Underfloor Heating Low profile System

Myth 5. - It’s difficult to install

“For those that haven’t had much experience with UFH, installing it may seem like a complex task. However, this isn’t the case — in fact, UFH is very straightforward and has been designed for easy installation.

When it comes to electric systems, our Snug Mats are one of the easiest and quickest floor heating solutions to install on the market today, thanks to its twin-conductor and single-lead elements. And, because they are mounted onto an adhesive fabric mesh, they stay flat as soon as they are rolled out.

With our Snug water-based systems, we offer complimentary full pipe layout designs, when a plan is supplied and an order is placed. Plus, we provide board layouts for our Snug Low-Profile systems, to ensure your installation is as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.”

How can Snug Underfloor Heating deliver for you?

We’re the UK’s only underfloor heating brand to specialise in both water and electric underfloor heating, so you can rely on us to always provide a Snug solution for your customers. Not only that, but we can support you every step of the way with our expert technical support team, a free design service, and a full pipe and cable warranty,

To discover our range of water underfloor heating, visit here. Or to discover our range of electrical underfloor heating, visit here. Or get in touch with Snug today at 01772 761333.

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