The most versatile end-plate on the market

The Snug low-profile system, combining the Snug Groove Boards and Snug Support low-profile ends, is one of the easiest and quickest solid low-profile system for water underfloor heating available on the market.

Laying a low-profile system can be a tricky and confusing task; knowing how and where to lay the supplied products, without running out of components is key. At Snug we provide easy to follow, hassle free designs, complete with pipe layouts as well as detailed plans advising where Snug Groove Boards and Snug Supports should be laid; eliminating all the guess work from your project.

Our expert design team and systems will also provide you with an exact materials list, resulting in reduced excess products or reorders of additional materials, that you may have run out of mid job, saving you time and additional expense.

But when should you use a low profile system and what are the benefits? Hopefully this article with help explain….

Snug Underfloor Heating Low Profile System Diagram

When should I choose a low-profile system?

  • When height is an issue so you need to save space.
  • When you’re fitting on top of floor boards and the joists below aren’t regularly spaced.
  • Either in new builds or retrofit projects.
  • When there’s no room for insulation (although it works well with or without).
  • What are the benefits to a low-profile system?

  • It’s very fast to install.
  • Fitting is an easy, one-person job.
  • It’s suitable for large or small areas.
  • The Snug Groove Boards distribute heat very evenly.
  • You can use the system with any flat floor finish.
  • The Snug Groove Boards are pre-spaced for you at 150mm and generate outputs of up to 104.4w/m².
  • The Snug Support Low-Profile Ends come with integrated pipe clips.
  • The system can run around corners easily and effectively.
  • Pipe runs in the Snug Support Low-Profile Ends are spaced close together, so they fit in narrow hallways.
  • The Snug Support Low-Profile Ends are available in two sizes and we can advise on the right one for your project.
  • Plus, there’s no waste because each Snug Support Low-Profile End is sold individually and we’ll calculate how many you need.
  • What’s unique about the Snug Low-Profile system?

  • It’s 45% cheaper than castellation mats and levelling compound.
  • It saves valuable floor height. On average it’s 3mm lower than using a low-profile castellation system with 16mm pipes and levelling compound.
  • It’s fast, as it doesn’t need levelling compound, so you don’t have to wait for anything to cure and you can just tile straight on top.
  • Our Low-Profile Groove Boards hold heat so it slowly radiates into the room, making the system extremely energy efficient and spreading heat more evenly than a levelled system.
  • The unique design of the Snug Support Low-Profile End means you’ll never need to cut into them.
  • Our two size options of the Snug Support give you a combined ten straight runs and six bends, so you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to laying your pipes.
  • The below diagrams demonstrate the versatility of the Snug Low-Profile system:

Turn in the room

Allowing the pipe to turn in the room makes the Snug Support adaptable and easy to install, even in irregular shaped rooms.

Double back from connection pipes

The multiple bends in the Snug Support allow you to fill all the gaps in your room. A traditional system would typically leave a small area unheated near the door, leaving unpleasant cold spots in walkways.



Bends and straights

The combined 10 closer spaced pipes between two adjoining Snug Supports, means that the feeder pipes will no longer take up considerable space in narrow hallways. This design allows the feeder pipes to be tucked up against the wall; reducing interference with the even heat of the rest of the room. Plus, with the combined 6 bends between the Snug Supports, you are never short of options of how to lay your Snug underfloor heating.

Spaced out connection pipes

The Snug Support’s clever design removes the need for closely spaced pipes around the entrance of a room, allowing the system to produce a comfortable and even heat for the whole room.



For more information, or to discuss the best underfloor heating solution for your home, please contact our dedicated Snug Underfloor Heating technical support team on 01772 761333 or

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