Top 5 Health and Safety Benefits of Underfloor Heating

The majority of the UK population heat their homes via central heating systems.

But did you know, the radiator systems that come with most of our homes are prone to cold spots caused by convection currents and the circulation of air.

When radiators heat up, that hot air rises and only falls when it cools. Conventional heating methods

This leads to hot heads and cold floors. Alongside this, these currents pick up dust from the floors and it gets stuck behind your radiators, as well as propelling it into the atmosphere.

Underfloor heating removes the common health and safety dangers that come hand-in-hand with standard convection systems, improving your well-being at home.

Here are the top 5 health and safety benefits of having a Snug underfloor heating system.

1. Decrease in Dust Mites

As previously mentioned, dust mites can cause breathing problems such as asthma (especially in children), eczema, itchy noses, sneezing and wheezing.(Image: Electron micrograph of a female dust mite by Matt Colloff)

Radiators, and the convection currents they create, propel these mites around your home causing irritation.

Underfloor heating does not create these currents, meaning the dust mites and their faeces are not blown around your home, reducing the allergy risk. The decreased moisture in the environment also means dust mites find it more difficult to live in carpet fibre.

(Image: Electron micrograph of a female dust mite by Matt Colloff)

2. Reduced Burn Risks

This one is especially apparent for those of you who have children. Radiators by design need to heat themselves to a high temperature in order to heat a room.

For example, to get an air temperature of 23°c, the radiators must be heated to approximately 65°c. Touching these radiators accidentally can be very painful.

Underfloor heating rids your home of radiators and distributes an even heat, giving you the same consistent temperature. There is no need for the underfloor system to heat up to such high temperatures because the source is beneath your feet.

With Snug Underfloor Heating, for an air temperature of 23°c, your system would only need to heat up to 25°c. A staggering 40°c less than a central heating system – giving you better temperature control. On the plus side, it is less of a strain to your heating bill.

3. Eases Arthritis

Not only are our Snug Underfloor Heating systems more efficient and cheaper to run that standard central heating systems – they can also help ease arthritis for sufferers.

Cold weather can make arthritis more painful, by removing the radiators and cold spots in your home – and replacing with underfloor heating rooms will be filled with even and consistent heat. Particularly helpful for leg, feet and ankle arthritis.

For pet lovers out there, it can ease their arthritis as they age as well.

4. Reduces Slipping Hazards

Having underfloor heating in your home can reduce the risk of slipping. Especially in bathrooms and kitchens.wet floor sign snug colours

With underfloor heating, puddles and spills will dry faster. Just don’t expect underfloor heating to add extra grip to your laminate or tiled floors!

5. No More Cuts and Scrapes

Finally, radiators are often built with sharp edges, small parts and points. This can cause any parent to worry about their child’s wellbeing. Especially when they’re first learning to walk. Underfloor heating removes these everyday hazards of radiators from your home.

Get in touch with our Snug technical team at 01772 761 333 or email for a full breakdown of our underfloor heating systems.

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