7-Step Water Underfloor Heating Checklist

Here at Snug we offer a 24-hour turnaround on all water underfloor heating quotations. We’ve got a 7-step checklist to make this as simple as possible.

1. Areas to be heated

Firstly – inform us as to which area(s) will be heated on the project. If it is just a single room, we require the room dimensions and any permanent fixtures that occupy the room such as kitchen units, toilets or fireplaces. We would need to know the exact measurements of these units, and their exact location within the room.

Alternatively, you can send us a dimensional plan or drawing of the room. This is also required if a whole floor or multiple levels are being installed with Snug Underfloor Heating. This allows us to produce accurate quotes and ensure that the area is heated as efficiently as possible.

2. System Type

Secondly, the type of system that will be installed should be decided. Different projects require different systems. If you need assistance deciding which underfloor heating system is the correct one for your current project – please click here for a complete system breakdown.

Alternatively, you can call our friendly technical Snug support team on 01772 761 333, who will advise you on the best system for your needs.

3. Floor Construction

We also require the type of subfloor that our Snug system will be resting on. Certain Snug systems are perfect for different subfloors. Please inform us whether the screed will be fresh, if it has cured or is part of a refurbishment.

4. ThermostatSnugStat Wi-Fi Thermostat With Logo

Here at Snug we offer a wide range of thermostats suitable for any project. Our Smart SnugStat Thermostat has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities and can be controlled via your smartphone using our SnugStat App. Available on iOS and Google Play, the app also allows for multiroom control of an unlimited number of thermostats throughout your home.

The SnugStat is also compatible with Alexa devices and contains a self-learning chip. This allows for an optimum start feature that warms up to the pre-set temperature for the exact time set.

We additionally stock a Snug Touch-Screen Controller – similar in aesthetic to the SnugStat but without the Wi-Fi functions. We also have Button Press and Wireless options available, suiting any client’s needs.

5. Heat Source

All of our Snug Underfloor Heating systems can be installed with either a heat pump or a boiler as the central heat source on the project. Heat pump operate at a lower temperature, making them more efficient and cost-effective that boiler systems. Although both run the Snug range perfectly.

The heat source is information we need to take into account for our drawings because, in some instances, the pipe is required to be closer together when using a heat pump. This depends on the heat loss of the property and the heat pump also requires a lower ΔT (Delta T – change in temperature) to work efficiently.

6. Pipe

For single installers we recommend our AL-PEX pipe. The aluminium core of the pipe allows it to be more flexible, simplifying the process for the installer as it fixes in place more effectively. AL-PEX is also WRAS approved and can carry potable water.

AL-PEX Pipe Breakdown

Snug Underfloor Heating AL-PEX Pipe

PEX Pipe BreakdownSnug Underfloor Heating PEX Pipe

All of our systems are available in 16mm pipe diameter in either PEX or AL-PEX. That is other than our Low-Profile system, which have a 12mm diameter and is only available in PEX. A thinner pipe allows for thinner groove boards, saving valuable floorspace for renovation projects. For more information on the pipe we use at Snug, please click here.

7. Manifold Position

The proposed location of the manifold is one of the keys bits of needed information for any Snug Underfloor Heating quotation. Ideally the manifold will be as central as possible to the system, so the heated water does not have as long of a distance to travel around the pipe before returning to the manifold. snug underfloor heating manifold 12-port

Shorter loops will ensure consistent temperature across the Snug Underfloor Heating system and reduce the risk of cold spots.

A central manifold also reduces the connection pipe lengths which in turn reduces the number of manifold ports that are required. This will decrease your order price. Common places to store the system manifold are under the stairs, a utility room or a cloakroom cupboard.

If you have any additional questions or queries, please call us on 01772 761 333 or email sales@firsttrace.co.uk – our Snug team are technical experts and are always eager to help!

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