Using the SnugStat App

Control of the SnugStat Smart Wi-Fi thermostat couldn’t be easier with the Snugstat App. With intuitive programming and simple app set up, SnugStats are able to offer instant control from anywhere – the car, the bar or the office.

Pairing The SnugStat With The SnugStat App

Pairing your SnugStat App with your new SnugStat thermostat can be done in two different ways; smart configuration or using the controllers inbuilt QR code feature.

Firstly, download the SnugStat App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store by searching ‘SnugStat’.

Pairing Using Smart Configuration

Connecting with the Smart configuration couldn’t be easier, just make sure your stat and phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi source and sync them together using the below steps . If you’re having trouble, make sure you check out our guide on Wi-Fi connectivity here.

  1.  Open the Snugstat App and register your account.
  2.  Login to your account
  3.  Press the ‘+’ icon.
  4.  Press ‘Location Name’ to add the property, for example, Home/Office etc.
  5.  Press ‘+’ icon to confirm the property.
  6.  Press the ‘return arrow’ icon to go back to the main screen.
  7.  Press the ‘+’ icon and select the device type, for example – Heating Thermostat.
  8.  Add device location.
  9.  Select room name or manually type in.
  10. Press ‘Next’.
  11.  Enter the Wi-Fi password then press ‘Next’
  12. On the SnugStat, press the ‘Cog’ icon and enter ‘Feature Settings’.
  13. Find ‘App Matching’ and press it.
  14. Wait for the devices to pair (This may take several minutes to activate).
  15. The App will display ‘is connected to the Wi-Fi’ and will display ‘App Matching Successful’ on the controller.

Pairing Using the QR Code Feature

The SnugStat Wi-Fi thermostats also sync using a QR feature. To access the QR code, press the cog button at the bottom left of the SnugStat thermostat's menu and scroll to the fifth page using the arrows. There you will find a tab called ‘system information’, select that and your QR code will appear.

On your App, press 'Add' on the home page and select the ‘Scan QR Code’ option, a camera should appear on your smart phone screen. Simply align the QR code on the thermostat with the camera and your SnugStat should sync promptly.

Key Features

So now you’re connected to the SnugStat App, there are a world of things you can do at your fingertips.

The Home screen features all of the SnugStat thermostats that you have paired with the app. To add an additional SnugStat, simply press the ‘Add' button and follow one of the methods above.

Managing the temperature of each of your selected rooms is effortless, just select the chosen room and your digital thermostat will appear.  Simply use the circular toggle to set and alter your desired heat. If you swipe left on from the digital thermostat screen, can also see the current temperature and the humidity of the room. Make sure you’re aiming for the green area of the thermometer, as blue can be too cold and red too hot.

Away Mode

By pressing the ‘Home’ button in the bottom left of the digital thermostat page, you can switch the SnugStat to the ‘Away Mode’. This mode turns the heating OFF, overrides any programmes and settings and is ideal for short periods away from the house.

SnugStat App Home Screen and thermometer

SnugStat Schedule 3

Customised Scheduling for Your Whole Home

Selecting the ‘Schedule’ button on the digital thermostat page of the SnugStat App allows you to set your preferred temperatures for certain times. The SnugStat can be programmed using a 24-hour schedule, 7-day schedule or 5/2-day schedule. This gives you complete control of the time and temperature of each room and SnugStat connected to the app; so, in theory you could have completely different settings for every day of the week and for each room in your home.

GEO-Locator Function

The SnugStat comes complete with an inbuilt GEO-locator. Once activated, and programmed from the SnugStat App, this helpful function recognises how far you and your Smart phone are away from your home and manages the temperature accordingly based on the Geo settings entered. It reduces the temperature the further you are away from your home and warms back up as your re-approach; allowing for maximum energy efficiency, whilst ensuring you return to a warm, comfortable home.

To access this, press the three lines in the top right corner of the home page on the SnugStat App and select the GEO setup tab. Activate the GEO function in the top right hand corner and use the below scroller menus to determine the temperature you what your house to start heating up to, based on the distance you are from home.

Snugstat App schedule 2

The SnugStat App also has a helpful pre-set holiday mode, more details of which and how to programme can be found here.

If you have any questions or queries, our technical support team are always happy to help on 01772 761333 or

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